Release 3.0.2


Release Notes:

  • New icons for various modules.
  • Front-end face-lifting.
  • New field „Date of publication” in the News module. Visible only for Announcements. The date indicates when the announcement will be published.
  • Description filed for the Work Schedules.
  • Type of Competencies. Dropdown with a list to chose from: organizational, core, technical, behavioral, functional, management.
  • Delegations – popup for Daily Work Schedules
    • New “Assigned user” field, which by default is set to current_user.
    • If Daily Work Schedule shows on the Delegation popup, the current_user filter changes for the user resulting from the delegation.
    • Date filter appears for the search feature on the popup.
  • Division of Competencies into Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.
  • New modules with relationship to Competencies:
    • Knowledge (Knowledge)
    • Skills (Skill)
    • Attitudes (Attiude)

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