Employer branding

Ensuring the positive image of the company as a worthy employer

On top of other strictly procedural functionalities, MintHCM supports also the very early stage of every employee’s journey. Thanks to our professional software the employer stays in control of how other people perceive its brand. It is possible to coordinate broad promotional campaigns, as well as precise advertising operations – everything in favor of rising brand’s awareness and positive corporate image among present and future staff.

MintHCM covers the employer branding area of business with a couple of separate features:


A container filled with information about all the employer branding projects in progress, as well as those that were handled in the past or are expected in the future. This is where the HR specialists store their ideas, descriptions of the ongoing endeavors, as well as set their goals and KPIs. Everything kept in there can be used as an ultimate cheat sheet while evaluating the team’s efforts and achievements.


This section of the software can be used to organize both external and internal branding activities. Thanks to the “Campaigns” module, the HR department stays in full control of the promotional operations whether they are meant to attract new employees or keep those who already work for the company. The module serves to design the employer branding campaigns’ separate stages. It can be attached as a source in the process of talent acquisition as well. That way it is easy to analyze what kind of employer branding activities bring the most and the best candidates in the organization.


MintHCM is also the perfect tool to create and run the EVP strategy, which means introducing a set of benefits offered by the employer to the staff members. Those could be both rational (e.g. employment stability, employee benefits, development opportunities), as well as emotional benefits (e.g. job satisfaction, positive atmosphere in the company, values, relationships, prestige, CSR). Our software helps to categorize and grant such profits accordingly to the corporate policy, work experience, time spent in the organization and many other. MintHCM offers its users a platform to think broadly about the company’s employment blueprint and create a fair, friendly and encouraging work environment.