Effortless coordination of talent acquisition procedures.


MintHCM helps to organize the work around recruitment processes in companies. The responsibility of finding and hiring the right people is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the HR department. MintHCM eases and speeds up the whole procedure of admissions and ensures the continuity of many ongoing tasks.


Keeping the responsibilities and career paths transparent.


Thanks to the “Job description” in MintHCM it is possible to manage human resources by adding clear, understandable explanations of everyone’s responsibilities, as well as the information about their place in the organization. Besides that, the feature holds data regarding supervisions, benefits, duties, roles and career paths.


Ensuring the positive image of the company as a worthy employer.


On top of other strictly procedural functionalities, MintHCM supports also the very early stage of every employee’s journey. Thanks to our professional software the employer stays in control of how other people perceive its brand. It is possible to coordinate broad promotional campaigns, as well as precise advertising operations – everything in favor of rising brand’s awareness and positive corporate image among potential future staff.


Getting the new joiners on board. Easy.


This feature of MintHCM was created to simplify the process of staff induction. Our software equips the HR employees with a set of predefined checklists, drafts, and templates that help to coordinate the process of welcoming newcomers into the organization.


Handy catalog of essential personnel’s information.


“Employee profile” is an area of the system where all the personal data about the employees is stored. The information is kept in a form of a general catalog. Looking up a single employee’s profile resembles pulling a card out of an old-fashioned library catalog. In MintHCM it is possible to research each person by their contact data, position, department, account number even. Thanks to this feature the knowledge about the employees is easily accessible and can be modified by the supervisors, HR department workers as well as employees themselves.


A transparent overview of expertise and know-how in the organization.


“Competencies and skills” section of the software holds the information about the know-how and abilities developed by the employees. It comes as a list of talents and skills with an annotation about their advancement. Therefore, MintHCM serves as a directory of competences held by the staff. It allows managing the division of hard and soft skills in the organization. Frankly speaking, if there is a need of hiring someone with a special set of skills, MintHCM allows to quickly investigate if there is not a person like that already on board.


Keeping a comprehensive catalog of employment contracts.


All the documents exchanged between the employee and the employer should be carefully stored in a protected archive. In the XXI century, there is not a safer place than a professional business software kept on a powerful server. MintHCM is the tool to do just that. It is easy to attach text files, pictures, spreadsheets, portable formats and more. Thanks to our software, it is possible to create a secure archive of all the employment documentation, as well as and keep a clear employment history.


Evaluating employee performance.


MintHCM is also the perfect place to keep information about work performance, individual values, and KPIs. It can be used to estimate personal goals and peek someone’s progress. It comes handy during seasonal evaluations and exit interviews. The spacious text fields should be used to write down individual appraisals. If preferable, also separate files can be attached.


A way to efficiently manage daily tasks and perfect the work. On time.


The best way to follow the progress of the assignments, as well as people’s calendars, is to provide a tool which actually organizes their days. Time management means something beyond just a clock-in/clock-out mechanism. It allows to plan future events as well as track the office hours and come to conclusions about the team’s busyness.


Meeting deadlines, and not in a hurry.


MintHCM offers two types of a calendar. One to manage reservations of the material assets within the company. And the other to make sure everyone is on time with their work. The second one is even more important. It is where all the information about planned meetings, calls and time spent on particular tasks is demonstrated. It helps to organize the work day and look up other people’s busyness. As a dashlet, it can be used to present the week in terms of the amount of time spent in the office, in meetings, on a leave or working from home.


Delegating employees to work outside the headquarters.


Sending the personnel to another city or state can get difficult at times. In certain countries, the rules of delegating employees tend to be challenging. MintHCM helps to arrange travels and plan the expenses in terms of how far and for how long someone’s traveling. This feature allows to plan the trip and then to square the expenses accordingly to the regional regulations.


Exchanging the material assets within the company. No problem.


This feature helps with both assets management and resources booking. It means that it is possible to keep track of the things given out to the employees for their personal use, as well as the resources constantly rotating within the company. MintHCM offers a list of devices and other material assets owned by the company and distributed among the staff members, as well as a collection of resources, which the employees are welcome to make use of, but are expected to return by the particular date.


Keeping track of the absences and precisely distributing responsibilities.


Leave management refers to the long-term absences. When an employee is sick, on a maternity leave or taking well-deserved vacations it is important to inform the rest of the team and fairly distribute the work. MintHCM gives the team leaders a perfect tool to control the attendance and plan the future tasks, while being considerate of the fact that someone is out of the office for a given period of time. It has to do with the “Travels and expenses” as well.


Letting people go without letting go of the know-how.


Offboarding is a reflection of the onboarding procedures. If someone is leaving the organization, it is crucial to collect the things that the employee was provided with. Everything that was given out to the employee needs to be returned at this point. A simple checklist is an uncomplicated but efficient tool that helps to get through with it smoothly. Something that characterizes the “Offboarding” is the exit interview form.

Offboarding is a reflection of the onboarding procedures. If someone is leaving the organization, it is crucial to collect the things that the employee was provided with. Everything that was given out to the employee needs to be returned at this point. A simple checklist is an uncomplicated but efficient tool that helps to get through with it smoothly. Something that characterizes the “Offboarding” is the exit interview form.


Keeping track of office space occupancy.


MintHCM’s Workplace feature is really an occupancy gauge. It helps to keep an eye on how often and how many people show up at the office. Assuming that you let them pick what they prefer and allow the so-called hybrid operating mode – it might come in really handy. All you do is… ask a question. Via software. With a quick and easy feature while someone is filling in their work schedule. Your employee answers it by declaring if they are working from home or from the office and if so, which seat will be taken.


Taking advantage of the data collected in the system for the analytical purposes.


As the users fill the MintHCM with a lot of specific data, it is only reasonable to make use of it in favor of business analysis. The human capital management software makes use of the reporting mechanisms in many of the features. Most of the dashlets available in the system are basically a summary or a chart presenting a narrowed down perspective. The user gets to create their own reports and place them on the dashboard as well. MintHCM does not restrict the abilities of the “Analytics”. Almost every type of information (except the descriptions) can easily be converted into a diagram or a table.


Single-handedly assigning roles, giving users permissions and setting up the system.


Commonly forgotten part of the professional IT systems is its administration panel. It is worth taking a closer look though. It gives the admin a possibility to customize the system’s outlook depending on the user’s role in the organization. In case there is a need to extend the system with additional pieces of software, the “System Administration” allows to hook MintHCM up with some add-ons as well.