Travel & expenses

Delegating employees to work outside the headquarters.

Sending the personnel to another city or state can get difficult at times. In certain countries, the rules of delegating employees tend to be challenging. MintHCM helps to arrange travels and plan the expenses in terms of how far and for how long someone’s traveling. This feature allows to plan the trip and then to square the expenses accordingly to the regional regulations.

It is possible to save the information about the destination, the money given out in advance or the applicable form of transportation. A multi-factor authentication is necessary. Before the business trip, the delegated employee or the HR department worker declares the amount of money necessary to cover the expenses. After the trip is over, everything gets compared with the receipts and approved by the supervisor. This is when further procedures – such as refunds or additional charges (depending on a case) – should be put in motion.


This module allows to preview records in form of a list or, more closely, in form of a case file (a couple of subpanels bound together). It is possible to name each record, assign it to a user, add a destination, calculate a number and a worth of collected receipts, fill in the information about the accommodation and the diet, determine the dates of the business trip, choose the currency and finally add up the expenses.