Effortless coordination of talent acquisition procedures.

MintHCM helps to organize the work around recruitment processes in companies. The responsibility of finding and hiring the right people is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the HR department. MintHCM eases and speeds up the whole procedure of admissions and ensures the continuity of many ongoing tasks.

In order to secure a well-thought and well-kept HR process the software contains a couple of separate modules:


It works as a syllabus of job positions in the organization. It allows the employer to preserve a transparent organizational structure and keep a comprehensive catalog of job descriptions. It is possible to connect each record within this section with the appropriate, ongoing recruitment. This way it is particularly easy to navigate between separate modules and entries.


This module aggregates information about planned, ongoing and former admissions. Each record within the area consists of fields such as name, description, expiration date, estimated salary, and status. In order to maintain the transparency of the HR process, it should be connected to the suitable “Position” record. Information about related candidatures, phone calls, notes, meetings, activities, groups etc. comes in handy sub panels.


This module allows demonstrating someone’s interest in the position. Here it shows where the candidate found the offer, what are her or his financial expectations, what type of the agreement applies, what is the score the applicant received in the context of this specific candidature etc. Similarly to “Recruitments” also from the preview of “Candidatures” it is possible to see all the relevant sub panels. It might happen that the same person applied to a couple of different job openings at the company. Thanks to “Candidatures” the employer stays in control of each separate recruitment process without risking some confusion caused by duplicated personal records.


This module contains personal information strictly about the people who are interested in job openings at the company. Here you can attach documents such as CVs, motivational letters, references etc. It is also a place to store contact data, links to social media accounts, information about the necessity of relocation, as well as other individual memos.


MintHCM covers the final stage of the successful recruitment process with nothing else but a unique module called “Employees”. It is a place where all the personal data about the new staff member will be stored. The previous “Candidate” converts into an “Employee”. No previously recognized information needs to be filled in separately. Consequently, the architecture of this section is a reflection of everything that was already entered into the software. Additionally, new information about contracts, work experience, history of training and such builds up the record as the employee journey unfolds. This is also a great place to store data about competencies and skill development.