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It should be handled under https://domain/index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&record=1

CSS-files were already available, but not in the config. Edited /var/www/html/themes/SuiteP/themedef.php to add these:

if (!empty($app_strings[‘LBL_SUBTHEMES’])) {
// if statement removes the php notice
$themedef[‘config_options’][‘sub_themes’][‘options’] = array(
$app_strings[‘LBL_SUBTHEMES’] => array(
‘Mint’ => ‘Mint’,
‘Dawn’ => ‘Dawn’,
‘Day’ => ‘Day’,
‘Dusk’ => ‘Dusk’,
‘Night’ => ‘Night’,
$themedef[‘config_options’][‘sub_themes’][‘default’] = ‘Mint’;

When the default for all users needs to be changed, change in this function and somewhere in the beginning.