minthcm 2

MintHCM 2.0.0

MintHCM project is 100% in motion! Things have changed since the last blog post, and we are rushing to let you know all about it.

Due to the fact that SugarCRM Inc. has dropped the community edition of its software, we decided to switch to a different platform MintHCM continues to build on. The choice came as something pretty obvious. What better solution than the unofficial yet commonly recognized successor – SuiteCRM? Similarly, to what we did while creating MintHCM 1 we have reinvented the architecture of a typically CRM software.  The idea was to quickly remove all the unnecessary modules and replace them with HCM core features.

Employee Journey

The most important change applies to the talent acquisition procedures. MintHCM covers every step of the so-called Employee Journey. The system shows what happens to a candidate before they get recruited and if they do, allows to convert the record into an employee unit. We will shortly share the code with the community and you will be able to test it yourself!

mint theme

One thing which you will notice for sure is a totally different theme of the system. MintHCM 2 resembles SuiteCRM much less because the interface is now mint green! We are thinking about redesigning the front-end in the future. For now, we choose to focus on the features and cover as many human capital management mechanisms as possible.

Join MintHCM and help us with our ambitious endeavor. Get in touch, and we will notify you about the soon to come official launch date!