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Have you heard, that the world is divided into two types of people: those with hundreds of unread notifications and those with a purely clean inbox?


If you are one from the group #1 – you probably already got bored and need no newsletter form us… or anybody. You can get back to your activities.


But! If you identify with the other type – we might have a shot. Especially if you’re also into some #coding.

How is it useful to me?

It is useful on a couple of levels.


Introduction to a free business software. Source of knowledge about Human Capital Management. Doorway to Open-Source Code projects. Meeting point with a growing community of developers. Job opportunity origin. Straightforward #MintHCMnews notifications. And more.

newsletter minthcm

What am I agreeing to?

You are agreeing to a newsletter and a newsletter you will get. A mint one, obviously.


Normally, we send 1 e-mail a month.

A little more often, at times. But only, if we have something fascinating or urgent to share.


Do not worry, there is no sales pitch coming your way. We keep our newsletter separate from lead generation and communication. In case we bore you, there is an unsubscribe link in every E-mail you get.

What am I going to receive?

First-hand information about: new releases, upgrades, plug-ins, translations, mobile app development, job opportunities and much more.


We are excited for you to join and become a mint developer. From time to time, we’ll probably share a success story or ask you for an opinion about our software. So, basically anything to stay connected as a growing Community.

How is it going to work?

Like any other newsletter. You won’t need to look for things on your own. You won’t need to remember to check in with us. Everything goes straight to your inbox. And you are the only one in charge and decide what interests you.


But! If you’ll stop opening our E-mails, we will remove you from the list. Not without a notice, though. We’ll make sure if there is still someone on the other side.


Subscribe responsibly

You will receive one E-mail a month. Sometimes, maybe more, if we have something really exciting to share.


Keep in mind that you’ll then receive messages about this mint HCM software. It is not for everyone. But if you would like to contribute to our open-source project. Or find it useful to implement the system locally – simply fill in the form below. You’ll be notified about fresh developments and other MintHCM-related revelations. And there are some exciting things to come in the nearest future.

And that’s it. You know what to do.

newsletter minthcm

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