Releases archive


Bug fix: Date of planned and the last contact

Fixing the date of planned and the last contact in the Candidates module.

Bug fix: work schedules overlap

Adding validation to prevent overlapping work schedules

Bug fix: debugger in work schedule manager’s dashlet

Deleting debugger

Restricting access for new users

The user, created from the candidacy level is now inactive

Work schedule manager – pop up

Deleting “undefined” from the title of the pop-up

Displaying work schedule manager’s dashlet

Adding pop-up to simple add changes in work schedule

Database validation

Adding data base validation to check if the user has the supported version

PHP validation

Adding PHP validation to check if the user has the supported version


Bug fix: Addition of Room in workplace area

Fixing the mechanism for adding relationships

Employees vs. Users

Structure of authorization and record handling

Field length settings

Changes to the length of the possible values in the fields.

Reactions in the module News

Ability to comment in a detailed view

News – comments on posts

Additional validations, avatar display, images in comments

MintHCM Popup – loading screen

Adding a loading screen during system operation

Change in module Workplace

Adding fields and automation

Avatar settings

Avatar to be set in the Employee card.

Allocation name

Allocation name is automatically generated

Bug fix: Room recalculation mechanism

Mechanism improvement

Bug fix: Displaying private groups

Hiding private groups in list views

Bug fix: Only my subordinates filter

Filtering in modules related to the Employee and Work schedule module

Changing of display popups

Improving the responsiveness of displayed popup

Bug fix: Changing of display dashlet

Work schedule display and calendar icon

Validation of work schedules

Verification and notification of duplication of schedule plan

Target list in Campaigns module

Generation of automatic name and change of recipient groups

Bug fix: Assignment of private groups to Onboarding/Offboarding modules

Assigning private groups to Meetings and Tasks

Bug fix: Mass confirm of work schedule

Confirm of work schedule with no gaps.

Date Last Next Contact

Reminder of last and planned contact date in the module Candidates

Change in the candidate conversion window

Ability to choose to create an employee/user

Subpanels in module Onboarding and Off boarding

Adding columns in subpanels

Module Meeting update

Remove unnecessary fields

Bug fix: Saving work schedule without logged time

Unable to confirm work schedule without time logged in

Bug fix: Top menu function icons

Icon alignment, displaying only the user’s name

Automatic closing of notifications

Closing stale notifications

Organization structure

Adding a subpanel with organization structure

Bug fix: Can’t create employee by regular users

Regular user can create employee

Icon in work schedule manager

Changing the order of icons

Improving the ergonomics of adding time in work schedule

Adding working time via popup

Availability of kanban view in Task module

Kanban available for all users

Customizing the display of tiles in the kanban view

Adding priority and deadline designations


Bug fix: Saved avatar changes only after you clear cache
Saving avatar picture without the need to clear cache

Bug fix: Lack of the top margin in ‘create’ view
The top margin has been added

Bug fix: iCal Calendar doesn’t work properly
Google now draws work plan and meetings from MintHCM

Bug fix: Lack of validation while generating onboarding
The pop-up is now visible

Bug fix: Lack of padding in pop-up windows
The padding has been added

Changes in the names of fields in ‘onboarding elements’
The names of some fields has been changed to make it more clear

Bug fix: Lack of label from the Dictionary
The label is now visible

Bug fix: ‘My subordinates’ views twice on a dashlet
It now appears only once

Bug fix: The activity date is set wrongly while generating ‘onboarding’
The date is now automatically set right

Bug fix: The date of start and end of a task on ‘calendar’ is set wrongly
The date is now automatically set right

Types of documents have been added to dictionary
Defining type of documents is now possible

Bug fix: The Sick – Care isn’t visible on the ‘calendar’
It now displays properly on the “calendar’ dashlet

Bug fix: Advanced PDF Templates lack of the ‘plus’ button
The proper button is now visible

Slight changes in help tip labels
In the localization form, the help tips have been changed

The logo size in the “questionnaire’ was too big
The size of the logo now fits well

Bug fix: In the workflow module ‘conditions’ and ‘actions’ have empty fields
The ‘add conditions’ and ‘add actions’ buttons are now visible

Bug fix: In the ‘manager of the work plan’ the fields were to tight together
The spaces have been added


Organizational structure generation
Organizational structure diagram creation.

Web push alerts – enabled
Sending web push notifications in the event of new News and system alerts.

MintHCM – SMS API integration
Integration with the SMS gateway application.

Campaigns targeted at Candidates and Employees
Campaigns based on Receivers Groups – enabled.

CRM modules and subpanels removal
Removing the CRM-related features from the system.

Bug fix: incorrect Onboarding generation
Fixed incorrect Onboarding generation due to nonstandard date formatting.

User redirection from system notifications
Redirection to the appropriate module after clicking on the notification’s window.

MintHCM information added to reload page and JotPad dashlet

Enabling emoji use in MintHCM

Bug fix: incorrect status in Candidature
Fixed misinformation about current Candidature status in different areas of the system.

Bug fix: broken User News updates

Work Schedule Manager: quick backward and forward navigation
Feature for quick one day forward and one day backward navigation in the Work Schedule Manager.

Default meeting duration set for 1 hour.

Automatic completion of the current recruitment information in the Quick Create view
The automation worked only in the Edit View before.

Bug fix: saving filters in the Employees module
Keeping filters in the Employee module until set differently – enabled.

Bug fix: Candidatures – no modification date
Date of record modification in the Candidatures module – enabled.

Commenting on News
Adding comments in detailed view of News records – enabled.

Bug fix: error during Work Schedules filtration
Work Schedules filtration by status – enabled

Bug fix: Organizational Unit subpanel duplication
Duplicated Organizational Unit subpanel – removed.

News as a system alert
Displaying News as a notification in the upper right corner of the screen.

Bug fix: calendar icon duplication
Duplicated calendar icon removed from filter options (when data format “between” is set).

Centering system popups
All system popups are now centered, regardless of screen resolution.

Bug fix: error of PDF templates in Employees module
PDF templates in Employees module generation – enabled.

Bug fix: error while saving an Organizational Unit
Organizational Unit saving – enabled.

Bug fix: empty Current Manager field in the list view
Current Manager field in the list view for Organizational Units – enabled.

Bug fix: error of the Employee to Day-Off Request relation
Employee to Day-Off Request relation – fixed.

Bug fix: error of Appraisals and Working Time management
Managing Appraisals and Working Time in the Administration module


New feature: Employee Interaction Tracking
Relation between records of User and Employee, which allows for tracking direct interactions in order to prevent spread of Coronavirus in the organization.

Bug fix: shifted Calendar-related objects
Fixed CSS/JS bug related to shifted display of Meetings and Work schedules on a Calendar

Organizational Units and Security Groups merged

Elastic Search enhanced
New modules added to Elastic Search indexing: Employees, Candidates, Candidatures, Documents, News, Ideas, Job Descriptions and related modules, Appraisals, Certificates, Exit Interviews, Applications, Conclusions, Improvements, Problems.

Number of notifications alert
Adding the number of notifications to the browser window.

UI fix: CSS for the hidden objects
Fixed presentation of hidden objects so they do not cause unnecessary empty spaces.

Bug fix: list view arrangement
Fixed problem with arranging table columns for the list view after bringing back previously hidden elements.

Excluding notifications about modules the user has no access to.

UI fix: reduced date field size

HR Specialist role enhanced
Adding the possibility of generating Onboarding and Offboarding records by the user with HR Specialist role.

New subpanel: Subordinates
Information about subordinates showcased in a new subpanel in the Employee record view.

Bug fix: duplicated fields eliminated
Removing duplicated “Name” fields from the Onboarding-related searches.

UI fix: Invisible Preview and Next buttons in the list of records
Label coloring fixed.

UI fix for basic filters in the search view
Labels and fields overlapping fixed

UX fix: Employee Profile access
Improved path for reaching Employee Profile: The Profile link now transfers directly to the Employee Profile. The Settings link (formerly Profile) takes the user to user and system settings. Additionally, the “Settings” button in the Employee Profile opens the edit view. The button is hidden for users who are not administrators when they display the profiles of other employees.

Work Schedules and Working Time minor interface fixes

Work Schedules list view enhanced
New columns added to the list view: End time, Duration (End Time minus Start Time)

Delegations & Users: adding more space between fields in those modules


  • Ability to add pictures to created news
  • Fixed bug with Employee Certificates
  • Fixed preview in PDF Templates MintHCM
  • Fixed on/offboarding generation’s pop-up
  • Scaling of the website
  • Dynamic dictionary management
  • Fixed bug with View Tools
  • Fixed Welcome Wizard Bug
  • Fixed error with attaching files
  • VT Rebuilt after Mint instalation
  • Fixed label “More information”
  • Icon for each module
  • Searching employees’ records by employers
  • Hide of redundant tools of work time and work plan
  • Ability of opening aproved work plans
  • Installing demo data through SilentInstall
  • Work plans generation while demo data instalation
  • Copying of subelements and deleting of subpanel in Competence category
  • Lack of training relation visibility
  • Fixed bug of unlogging while choosing Onboarding elements
  • Easier generation and validation of Onboarding/Offboarding processes
  • Possibility of changing the person responsible for leading an
  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Onboarding meetings automatic generation
  • Fixed error with file preview
  • One template for Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Copying of Onboarding/Offboarding elements
  • Closing of the last element in Onboarding/Offboarding section ends the process


  • Subpanel color distinction
  • The filed-in subpanel has a different color (green) than the empty ones (gray).
  • Edition preview fix
  • Fixed edition window where certain objects were overlapping.
  • Dashlet label edition
  • Dashlet label edition enabled.
  • Demo data installation
  • Demo data setup as an option during MintHCM installation.
  • New roles in the system
  • New predefined user roles are: Manager, Payroll Specialist, HR Specialist and Employee.
  • Filtering records on a dashlet
  • A supervisor gets to filter their team’s records on a dashlet.
  • Loading gif on the installation page
  • The user now sees that installation is in motion.
  • Fix for not being able to assign a position to an employee from the director’s level
    Fix for generating the wrong name for On- and Offboarding Templates
  • Generating a name with an appropriate date in it.


  • Conversion of the Candidate to Employee or User. The feature allows for deciding whether to convert a Candidate into an Employee or new system’s User. It generates a dialog box where the user confirms the action of creating a new system user together with creating new Employee record. It is then also a place to fill in the information about the accurate user name (login) for such new record. System creates an active user. If the step of confirming the creation of the user was omitted at this point the user is inactive and the user name field is empty.
  • Favorite filters added to system’s dashlets. The system automatically adds filters set as favorite to user’s dashlets.
  • Automated rebuild of View Tools scripts
  • Changes to the Certificates area. The system shows which user has a specific certification. In MintHCM 3.0.3 we are introducing a totally new module called Employee Certificates related n:1 with Certificates and 1:n with Employees. The new Employee Certificates  module gained following fields: Status, Start Date, End Date, Candidate, Employee. All of them were removed from the Certificates module. The name of the Employee Certificate record is generated automatically based on the name of the Certificate and the name of the Employee.
  • Notifications for the Ideas. MintHCM pushes notifications to the user when changes are being made to the Idea record assigned to them. The system notifies the author of the Idea and the decision maker when  status, decision user or description fields are changed.
  • Adding Documents to Delegations. The feature allows for adding scans of bills and other documents related to a business trip directly into the preferable Delegation record. Relation n:n.
  • Correlation of Positions with Terms of Employment. The feature means adding a n:1 relation between Terms of Employment and Positions in MintHCM.
  • Dashboard Manager. The feature allows for correlating predefined dashboards and dashlets with a preferable business role. Such template might be used by many users.
  • Onboarding – little changes
    • Creation of a Training meant for ongoing Onboarding process generates a Meeting with the same name.
    • The status of each Meeting record is visible in the Meetings subpanel.
    • The description of the Task or Training is copied from the Onboarding Element record.
  • Progress information during installation. We have added an animation which informs that the process has begun and is currently ongoing in the background.
  • Salary Ranges – new module. The feature allows managers to set and change up the salary ranges for each Position. The record can be shared with an employee and consists of following fields:
    • Start Date,
    • End Date,
    • Gross Amount from,
    • Gross Amount to,
    • Net Amount from,
    • Net Amount to,
    • Employer’s costs from,
    • Employer’s costs to,
    • PositionsAn appropriate Salary Ranges subpanel shows in the Position record view.
  • MintHCM layout changes. Little fixes done to the system’s interface.
  • Work schedule confirmation inversion. The feature for heads of departments to be able to inverse the confirmed Work schedule records.
  • New type of Absences: Childcare
  • Number of remaining days off work.
  • Audit of changes done within Employees module
  • New relations between Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Competency Ratings and Appraisal Items


  • New icons for various modules.
  • Front-end face-lifting.
  • New field „Date of publication” in the News module. Visible only for Announcements. The date indicates when the announcement will be published.
  • Description filed for the Work Schedules.
  • Type of Competencies. Dropdown with a list to chose from: organizational, core, technical, behavioral, functional, management.
  • Delegations – popup for Daily Work Schedules
    • New “Assigned user” field, which by default is set to current_user.
    • If Daily Work Schedule shows on the Delegation popup, the current_user filter changes for the user resulting from the delegation.
    • Date filter appears for the search feature on the popup.
  • Division of Competencies into Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.
  • New modules with relationship to Competencies:
    • Knowledge (Knowledge)
    • Skills (Skill)
    • Attitudes (Attiude)


  • Big changes:
    • The booking calendar and the calendar of absences now show the first day of the week as set by the user.
    • Displaying a picture of the user on the menu bar.
    • Taking time zone into account the when generating onboarding and offboarding.
    • Locking the Next button after clicking it during the process of installation.
  • New features:
    • Exit Interview subpanel for Offboarding.