Releases archive


New installation method added (CLI)
Bug fix: Fixed a bug in exporting data to CSV and XLSX via advanced reports
Bug fix: Recording grades on Candidacy
Bug fix: Correct sorting by name, columns with amounts, records do not disappear
Bug fix: Ability to add delegations, easy record keeping
Bug fix: Corrected color statuses and moved labels
Bug fix: Opportunity to create an active workplace
Bug fix: Once created, the employee is in the index and available as a user in the lists
Bug fix: Ability to open a record in a new tab
Bug fix: Ability to add a note to the Assessment module
Bug fix: When enrolling new candidates, in case of repetition, candidates do not duplicate each other
Bug fix: Work plans are displayed in chronological order
Bug fix: If the list is waiting for results, it should load
Bug fix: On LV, currency symbols display anywhere
Bug fix: When you click “Generate Onboarding” or “Generate Offboarding” it does not redirect to the main dashboard
Bug fix: Entering another user’s profile does not add buttons to the navigation bar
Bug fix: Completing the label that displays in case of a forgotten password
User story: Removed unnecessary options from system settings that have no effect
User story: Removed the requirement from the Organizational unit field
User story: Ability to select email addresses when merging
User story: Ability to select values on dictionary fields during merging
User story: Ability to define actions for records to allow, for example, merge, delete, export or custom actions for selected records
User story: Ability to use mass actions on lists, such as deleting or merging
Feature added: Opening records in a new tab from the list level
Feature added: You can add notes to the Assessment module


Security Update: XSS Vulnerability Fix ( – thanks @Sn1r
Feature added: Module list now returns ACL information


Bug fix: Attempting to accept a vacation, an error pops up
correct record and page reload
Bug fix: KReporter fixed in PHP version 8
Bug fix: Entering EntryPoint redirects to the login view
Bug fix: Changing the name of the Creating Alerts for Users schedule
Bug fix: Ability to search a record by first and last name
Bug fix: PDfTemplates and KTemplates
improvement with editor and preview view
Bug fix: Ability to change password from user level
Bug fix: List view changes precision
Bug fix: Removal of AOD Index directory sped up installation
Bug fix: Improved translation of list view
Bug fix: Improved Mint4/PHP8 subpanels
Bug fix: Fix KReporter to display results
Bug fix: Blocking the ability of an Employee to edit an Employee other than himself
Bug fix: Creating survey responses from full form creates fatal error
return to survey DV, created survey response record visible on subpanel under survey
Bug fix: Fixed installer
Feature added: Adding status colors
Feature added: Changes on the list view
moving the “Add Filter” button to the left; changing the size of the fields; adding a line between filters; removing the internal vertical scrolling of the list
Feature added: Improvement of the hatches on the “Search” type fields, they change to X after typing any character
Feature added: After installing the system, the navigation menu shows the “Employees” module by default
Feature added: Open links from outside MintHCM are displayed in a new window
Feature added: Ability to freely set modules on the side panel
Feature added: The system informs when a record is in progress so that the user does not have to click several times and does not duplicate appointments
Feature added: Adding status colors for Tasks/Candidates/Candidates/Recruiting modules, etc
Feature added: Making the installation process easier


Added Docker image installation option.



  1. Addressed .htaccess File Issues: We’ve resolved issues related to the .htaccess file, ensuring a seamless and error-free installation process.
  2. Additional Validations for Permissions and PHP Version: MintHCM 4.1 now includes extra validations to check permissions and PHP version compatibility, providing you with a more secure and reliable system.
  3. Enhanced Compatibility Across Environments: We’ve worked to enhance MintHCM’s compatibility, making it optimized to work seamlessly in an even broader range of environments. Your MintHCM experience just got more versatile!
  4. Installer Auto-Indexing into ElasticSearch: The installer in MintHCM 4.1 is now equipped to autonomously index records into ElasticSearch, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.
  5. Auto-population of SiteURL Option: We’ve added a convenient feature that auto-populates the SiteURL option whenever possible, simplifying the configuration process for you.


NOTICE: due to a number of installation issues reported by the community we advise to skip to the 4.0.1 update.

Bug fix: Shared calendar
The setting does not disappear after switching between weeks
Bug fix: Installation script
Default values „no” are no longer interpreter as „yes”
Bug fix: Dashboard
Closing meetings from the dashboard refreshes only the dashlet, instead of the entire page
Bug fix: Fixed display of dates on the list view
Bug fix: Filter by date on lists enables. It is now possible to
Filter by the „Date modified” parameter
Bug fix: Sorting by flex relate field enabled
Bug fix: Projects
Fixed label on the „View Project List” button
Bug fix: Resources calendar
The module now displays correctly
Bug fix: Improved display of time in UTC time zone
Bug fix: Dashlet settings
Displayed and hidden columns no longer cover other settings
Bug fix: Subpanels
Added arrows for pagination in subpanels, misaligned text fixed
Bug fix: Filters in modules
Improved list of filters available in modules
Bug fix: Improvement of apostrophes for Elasticsearch List View
Bug fix: Candidature Quick Create
If record results in blank page, redirect back to Candidate
Bug fix: SubPanelDeleteButton no longer causes a redirection error. The record deletes itself while the subpanel refreshes
Bug fix: Support for sorting 95% columns in Elasticsearch List View. Records get sorted correctly
Bug fix: Activities subpanel
Labels for actions buttons fixed
Bug fix: Saving meeting
Proper selection of participants and seamless meeting savings
Bug fix: Missing menus in standard modules
Restoration of menu in Candidates and Candidatures
Bug fix: Resorted menu in Administration module
Bug fix: Deleting a record from the list view enabled
Bug fix: Empty fields of currency type filled with ‘0.00’ values
Bug fix: Candidates
The value of the Country filed can now be set
Feature added: Upgrade of MintHCM customizations to a higher version of Elasticsearch 7.x
Feature added: Returning Elasticsearch data to the frontend. ElasticSearch does not return the entire indexed record, but only fields that are defined as available or occur in filters on eslistviewdefs.
Feature added: Elasticsearch permissions
Agllowing access for users with appropriate Security Group permissions
Feature added: User avatar photo
If the user has the photo field set, it displays the avatar in the top bar. When there is no photo system displays mdi-account by default
Feature added: Adding ACLs
Feature added: Adding support for LDAP
Feature added: Rebuilding and checking links in administration view
Feature added: New dashlet and calendar view for MintHCM core version
Feature added: Upgrade tinyMCE and add new SugarField
Feature added: Adding Owner and Group permissions to global search
Feature added: Changing the menu on the left side and the grid to not display all modules, only those that are set
Feature added: Installation script
The script asks if the user wants to compilate/rebuild the interface
Feature added: New MintHCM popup
Feature added: Logging smarty errors and eliminating several View Tools comments
Feature added: Removing a few legacy modules from Elasticsearch
Feature added: Notifications
Mass read and delete. Clicking on a notification closes the list of notifications
Feature added: Mass actions on lists. You can now use mass actions such as delete or merge in the last view
Feature added: Email password reminder. New feature in case the user does not remember their password
Feature added: Filtering on lists and ability to define changes in the studio
Ability to change column filtering on the list view
Feature added: New Menu view
Feature added: Displaying values in multienum fields and filters
Feature added: Building a mapping file as a step during rebuilding process
Feature added: Sorting by enum and multi enum
First added: First login
After logging in, the user can set preferences for date format, numeric separators time zone etc.


Bug fix: During the opening of the meeting creation window and employee search, a staff member and a private group are displayed

Exclude the display of private groups during employee search

Bug fix: Ability to add working hours when the worked time is not equal to the specified dates

The worked time updates when date changes

Bug fix: Fast filtering in the module clears the displayed column settings

Columns remain in the order set by the user

Bug fix: Inability to approve a work plan when an authorized absence is selected

Allow the approval of a work plan when an authorized absence occurs on the selected day

Bug fix: Creating a user by pressing the Enter key

Pressing Enter creates a valid record of a new user in the system

Bug fix: Remove loading JS from external servers

Bug fix: Incorrect functioning of added users for bulk meeting creation

Users are added to all meetings when created cyclically

Bug fix: Fixes for positions and organizational units

Organizational units connect to “Belongs to”; associated users receive the organization to which the position belongs

Feature added: User does not have access to the Calendar but has a dashboard

A message about lack of access gets displayed

Feature added: Week number in the calendar

The week number is also displayed next to the date

Feature added: Files module

Adding a new module displayed as a subpanel where the user can upload, download, and delete files

Feature added: Requirement to fill in the workplace field

Set the workplace field as required for office work

Feature added: Ability to close trainings from the subpanel level

Ability to close all trainings at once from the subpanel

Feature added: Logo and stylistic fixes in the form

Feature added: Changing the restriction of adding working hours to the previous month

Extending the possibility of self-approval and addition of working hours to 11 hours

Feature added: Optimization of user retrieval through Utils functions

Feature added: Changing work plan descriptions

When Occasional Leave is selected, the conditional field „Type of Compassionate Leave” appears instead of „Type of Occasional Leave”

Feature added: Styles: Margin and padding fixes

Feature added: Fix for MariaDB executed by MintHCM community member. Thank you, Kevin!


Bug fix: Allow editing of related groups for a record that can be edited

You can pin and unpin SGs through the subpanel when I have permission to edit the parent record

Bug fix: Corrections related to hiding “More” and the number of tabs displayed

When there are three modules, then “more” is not displayed, because there is no need for it

Bug fix: Disable autocomplete of password and username in user profile

Bug fix: Fix bookmark titles and “Recently Viewed/Favorites”

Bug fix: Improved time recording format

Time is recorded in hours and minutes, not fractions

Bug fix: Additional date filtering options

Filters appear on the filtering view in the list view: previous week, this week, next week, past, future, last x days, next x days

Bug fix: Add internal recruitment

In the Candidates module, modify the current Candidates relationship to a flexible relationship related to candidate and employee

User Story Bug: Inability to add an employee to an additional unit

The ability to add an employee who is in one unit to another without overwriting the first department

User Story Bug: Secure cookies from XSS attack

In case of an XSS attack, such cookies will be impossible to read for the attacker

User Story Bug: No photos in the room module

Visibility of the photo when you enter the room module

User Story Bug: Users disappear during meeting edits

During edits, participants no longer disappear from the meeting after signing up and continuing

User Story Bug: Creating Onboarding tasks does not give a group

The tasks of a new employee have a group of the HR supervisor and the new employee to see them in his list

User Story Bug: No notifications about open work plans

The system informs about unclosed work plans

User Story Bug: Training in the “Element” field does not have a link to the Onbaording/Offboarding

User Story Bug: Removal of employee field

Changed label “responsible person” to “implemented by”

User Story Bug: Studio problems

Fixing “add field” and “edit labels” buttons in Studio and Module Builder

User Story Bug: Improving the width of the labels

Changing the clipping of the markings in the side so that they fit without problems

User Story Bug: Improved filtering

Language-appropriate labels show up

User Story Bug: Organizational units looping

Blocking the possibility to create a loop between records when there is a possibility to create a relationship to itself for the modules Organizational units and Positions

User Story Bug: Date and time fields pop’up

Fields line up one after the other or date and time next to each other

User Story Bug: Change of e-mail notifications about record assignment

Receiving messages with information from which module the record is from

User Story Bug: Improving the name of a label that has a technical name

Displaying a column with the correct name


User Story Bug: Optimization of dashlet loading

Dashlets on the page display immediately, without loaded data, adding dashlet loading, asynchronous dashlet loading

User Story Bug: Ability to accept approved work plans

Leader can accept plans even if Work Plan is already approved

User Story Bug: Icon alignment at different resolutions

Improving the display of icons in the upper right corner

User Story Bug: Improved organizational structure

Adding a full screen icon and improving first load

User Story Bug: Rebuilding the Work Schedule Manager component

Dashlet compliant with the latest HTML standards

User Story Bug: Changes in the Candidates module (kanban)

Improvement of the structure in the Candidates module, removal of unnecessary statuses and reordering of fields

Bug fix: Improving the Candidate/Applications relationship etiquette

Changing the etiquette form Candidate to Applications

Bug fix: Mass approval of the work plan

Setting the appropriate time zones for the approval to succeed

Bug fix: News notification

Receive notification when news is published

Bug fix: Creating onboarding from the employee level

A pop-up appears where you can make onboarding or offboarding

Bug fix: Meetings, search bug for people to add to the meeting

You can search and add records to a meeting

Bug fix: Error when creating a work plan in the calendar

The work plan saves and is visible in the calendar

Bug fix: Mass approval of work plans approves uncompleted plans

A plan that should not be approved is not approved  (it is skipped)

Bug fix: Saving work time

Operating Alt+A to save working time

Bug fix: Clicking on the time bar in the Manager leads to Create

Opening a detailed view of the work time in question

Bug fix: Approval of Work Plan, on detailed view, does not find plan

Normal attempt to save Work Plan

Bug fix: Sorting in the list

Appropriate sorting right of the click

Bug fix: Non-workers show up in employee list

Employee list has been updated, former employees do not appear

Bug fix: Adding inactive users by adding an organizational unit as meeting participants

Adding only employees with Active status

Bug fix: No possibility to approve the plan Sickness – care

Possibility to close the work plan with this type


Bug fix: hiding subpanels
Fixing hiding subpanels in module record

Bug fix: text in the notification window
Fixing word wrap in the notification window

Feature added: Contact column in activity subpanel
Deleting contact column

Bug fix: deleting candidate
The system allows deleting a candidate

Bug fix: generating onboarding
Fixing meeting duration time

Feature added: User name validation
Adding validation to prevent duplicate logins

Feature added: Kanban view for Canditatures module
Adding kanban view for candidatures

Feature added: Changing candidature status
Candidature status changes to „hired” after creating an employee account.
If an employee has more than one candidature record, other change to „rejected

Feature added: System version information
Adding the system version number at the bottom of the page

Feature added: Groups in the onboarding/offboarding items
Creating an item under a template now causes the item to have groups that have the template

Bug fix: multiselect in the edition of the dashlet
Fixing multiselect fields

Bug fix: error in  the onboarding module
Fixing displaying records in the onboarding module

Bug fix: My Candidates and My Candidatures dashlets
Fixing displaying My Candidates and My Candidatures dashlets

Bug fix: advanced report
Fixing generating excel file from the advanced report