Release 3.0.3



  • Conversion of the Candidate to Employee or User. The feature allows for deciding whether to convert a Candidate into an Employee or new system’s User. It generates a dialog box where the user confirms the action of creating a new system user together with creating new Employee record. It is then also a place to fill in the information about the accurate user name (login) for such new record. System creates an active user. If the step of confirming the creation of the user was omitted at this point the user is inactive and the user name field is empty.
  • Favorite filters added to system’s dashlets. The system automatically adds filters set as favorite to user’s dashlets.
  • Automated rebuild of View Tools scripts
  • Changes to the Certificates area. The system shows which user has a specific certification. In MintHCM 3.0.3 we are introducing a totally new module called Employee Certificates related n:1 with Certificates and 1:n with Employees. The new Employee Certificates  module gained following fields: Status, Start Date, End Date, Candidate, Employee. All of them were removed from the Certificates module. The name of the Employee Certificate record is generated automatically based on the name of the Certificate and the name of the Employee.
  • Notifications for the Ideas. MintHCM pushes notifications to the user when changes are being made to the Idea record assigned to them. The system notifies the author of the Idea and the decision maker when  status, decision user or description fields are changed.
  • Adding Documents to Delegations. The feature allows for adding scans of bills and other documents related to a business trip directly into the preferable Delegation record. Relation n:n.
  • Correlation of Positions with Terms of Employment. The feature means adding a n:1 relation between Terms of Employment and Positions in MintHCM.
  • Dashboard Manager. The feature allows for correlating predefined dashboards and dashlets with a preferable business role. Such template might be used by many users.
  • Onboarding – little changes
    • Creation of a Training meant for ongoing Onboarding process generates a Meeting with the same name.
    • The status of each Meeting record is visible in the Meetings subpanel.
    • The description of the Task or Training is copied from the Onboarding Element record.
  • Progress information during installation. We have added an animation which informs that the process has begun and is currently ongoing in the background.
  • Salary Ranges – new module. The feature allows managers to set and change up the salary ranges for each Position. The record can be shared with an employee and consists of following fields:
    • Start Date,
    • End Date,
    • Gross Amount from,
    • Gross Amount to,
    • Net Amount from,
    • Net Amount to,
    • Employer’s costs from,
    • Employer’s costs to,
    • PositionsAn appropriate Salary Ranges subpanel shows in the Position record view.
  • MintHCM layout changes. Little fixes done to the system’s interface.
  • Work schedule confirmation inversion. The feature for heads of departments to be able to inverse the confirmed Work schedule records.
  • New type of Absences: Childcare
  • Number of remaining days off work.
  • Audit of changes done within Employees module
  • New relations between Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Competency Ratings and Appraisal Items