Release 3.0.6



New feature: Employee Interaction Tracking
Relation between records of User and Employee, which allows for tracking direct interactions in order to prevent spread of Coronavirus in the organization.

Bug fix: shifted Calendar-related objects
Fixed CSS/JS bug related to shifted display of Meetings and Work schedules on a Calendar

Organizational Units and Security Groups merged

Elastic Search enhanced
New modules added to Elastic Search indexing: Employees, Candidates, Candidatures, Documents, News, Ideas, Job Descriptions and related modules, Appraisals, Certificates, Exit Interviews, Applications, Conclusions, Improvements, Problems.

Number of notifications alert
Adding the number of notifications to the browser window.

UI fix: CSS for the hidden objects
Fixed presentation of hidden objects so they do not cause unnecessary empty spaces.

Bug fix: list view arrangement
Fixed problem with arranging table columns for the list view after bringing back previously hidden elements.

Excluding notifications about modules the user has no access to.

UI fix: reduced date field size

HR Specialist role enhanced
Adding the possibility of generating Onboarding and Offboarding records by the user with HR Specialist role.

New subpanel: Subordinates
Information about subordinates showcased in a new subpanel in the Employee record view.

Bug fix: duplicated fields eliminated
Removing duplicated “Name” fields from the Onboarding-related searches.

UI fix: Invisible Preview and Next buttons in the list of records
Label coloring fixed.

UI fix for basic filters in the search view
Labels and fields overlapping fixed

UX fix: Employee Profile access
Improved path for reaching Employee Profile: The Profile link now transfers directly to the Employee Profile. The Settings link (formerly Profile) takes the user to user and system settings. Additionally, the “Settings” button in the Employee Profile opens the edit view. The button is hidden for users who are not administrators when they display the profiles of other employees.

Work Schedules and Working Time minor interface fixes

Work Schedules list view enhanced
New columns added to the list view: End time, Duration (End Time minus Start Time)

Delegations & Users: adding more space between fields in those modules