Release 3.0.7



Organizational structure generation
Organizational structure diagram creation.

Web push alerts – enabled
Sending web push notifications in the event of new News and system alerts.

MintHCM – SMS API integration
Integration with the SMS gateway application.

Campaigns targeted at Candidates and Employees
Campaigns based on Receivers Groups – enabled.

CRM modules and subpanels removal
Removing the CRM-related features from the system.

Bug fix: incorrect Onboarding generation
Fixed incorrect Onboarding generation due to nonstandard date formatting.

User redirection from system notifications
Redirection to the appropriate module after clicking on the notification’s window.

MintHCM information added to reload page and JotPad dashlet

Enabling emoji use in MintHCM

Bug fix: incorrect status in Candidature
Fixed misinformation about current Candidature status in different areas of the system.

Bug fix: broken User News updates

Work Schedule Manager: quick backward and forward navigation
Feature for quick one day forward and one day backward navigation in the Work Schedule Manager.

Default meeting duration set for 1 hour.

Automatic completion of the current recruitment information in the Quick Create view
The automation worked only in the Edit View before.

Bug fix: saving filters in the Employees module
Keeping filters in the Employee module until set differently – enabled.

Bug fix: Candidatures – no modification date
Date of record modification in the Candidatures module – enabled.

Commenting on News
Adding comments in detailed view of News records – enabled.

Bug fix: error during Work Schedules filtration
Work Schedules filtration by status – enabled

Bug fix: Organizational Unit subpanel duplication
Duplicated Organizational Unit subpanel – removed.

News as a system alert
Displaying News as a notification in the upper right corner of the screen.

Bug fix: calendar icon duplication
Duplicated calendar icon removed from filter options (when data format “between” is set).

Centering system popups
All system popups are now centered, regardless of screen resolution.

Bug fix: error of PDF templates in Employees module
PDF templates in Employees module generation – enabled.

Bug fix: error while saving an Organizational Unit
Organizational Unit saving – enabled.

Bug fix: empty Current Manager field in the list view
Current Manager field in the list view for Organizational Units – enabled.

Bug fix: error of the Employee to Day-Off Request relation
Employee to Day-Off Request relation – fixed.

Bug fix: error of Appraisals and Working Time management
Managing Appraisals and Working Time in the Administration module