Release 3.0.8



Bug fix: Saved avatar changes only after you clear cache
Saving avatar picture without the need to clear cache

Bug fix: Lack of the top margin in ‘create’ view
The top margin has been added

Bug fix: iCal Calendar doesn’t work properly
Google now draws work plan and meetings from MintHCM

Bug fix: Lack of validation while generating onboarding
The pop-up is now visible

Bug fix: Lack of padding in pop-up windows
The padding has been added

Changes in the names of fields in ‘onboarding elements’
The names of some fields has been changed to make it more clear

Bug fix: Lack of label from the Dictionary
The label is now visible

Bug fix: ‘My subordinates’ views twice on a dashlet
It now appears only once

Bug fix: The activity date is set wrongly while generating ‘onboarding’
The date is now automatically set right

Bug fix: The date of start and end of a task on ‘calendar’ is set wrongly
The date is now automatically set right

Types of documents have been added to dictionary
Defining type of documents is now possible

Bug fix: The Sick – Care isn’t visible on the ‘calendar’
It now displays properly on the “calendar’ dashlet

Bug fix: Advanced PDF Templates lack of the ‘plus’ button
The proper button is now visible

Slight changes in help tip labels
In the localization form, the help tips have been changed

The logo size in the “questionnaire’ was too big
The size of the logo now fits well

Bug fix: In the workflow module ‘conditions’ and ‘actions’ have empty fields
The ‘add conditions’ and ‘add actions’ buttons are now visible

Bug fix: In the ‘manager of the work plan’ the fields were to tight together
The spaces have been added