Release 3.1.0



Bug fix: Addition of Room in workplace area

Fixing the mechanism for adding relationships

Employees vs. Users

Structure of authorization and record handling

Field length settings

Changes to the length of the possible values in the fields.

Reactions in the module News

Ability to comment in a detailed view

News – comments on posts

Additional validations, avatar display, images in comments

MintHCM Popup – loading screen

Adding a loading screen during system operation

Change in module Workplace

Adding fields and automation

Avatar settings

Avatar to be set in the Employee card.

Allocation name

Allocation name is automatically generated

Bug fix: Room recalculation mechanism

Mechanism improvement

Bug fix: Displaying private groups

Hiding private groups in list views

Bug fix: Only my subordinates filter

Filtering in modules related to the Employee and Work schedule module

Changing of display popups

Improving the responsiveness of displayed popup

Bug fix: Changing of display dashlet

Work schedule display and calendar icon

Validation of work schedules

Verification and notification of duplication of schedule plan

Target list in Campaigns module

Generation of automatic name and change of recipient groups

Bug fix: Assignment of private groups to Onboarding/Offboarding modules

Assigning private groups to Meetings and Tasks

Bug fix: Mass confirm of work schedule

Confirm of work schedule with no gaps.

Date Last Next Contact

Reminder of last and planned contact date in the module Candidates

Change in the candidate conversion window

Ability to choose to create an employee/user

Subpanels in module Onboarding and Off boarding

Adding columns in subpanels

Module Meeting update

Remove unnecessary fields

Bug fix: Saving work schedule without logged time

Unable to confirm work schedule without time logged in

Bug fix: Top menu function icons

Icon alignment, displaying only the user’s name

Automatic closing of notifications

Closing stale notifications

Organization structure

Adding a subpanel with organization structure

Bug fix: Can’t create employee by regular users

Regular user can create employee

Icon in work schedule manager

Changing the order of icons

Improving the ergonomics of adding time in work schedule

Adding working time via popup

Availability of kanban view in Task module

Kanban available for all users

Customizing the display of tiles in the kanban view

Adding priority and deadline designations