Release 3.1.2



Bug fix: hiding subpanels
Fixing hiding subpanels in module record

Bug fix: text in the notification window
Fixing word wrap in the notification window

Feature added: Contact column in activity subpanel
Deleting contact column

Bug fix: deleting candidate
The system allows deleting a candidate

Bug fix: generating onboarding
Fixing meeting duration time

Feature added: User name validation
Adding validation to prevent duplicate logins

Feature added: Kanban view for Canditatures module
Adding kanban view for candidatures

Feature added: Changing candidature status
Candidature status changes to „hired” after creating an employee account.
If an employee has more than one candidature record, other change to „rejected

Feature added: System version information
Adding the system version number at the bottom of the page

Feature added: Groups in the onboarding/offboarding items
Creating an item under a template now causes the item to have groups that have the template

Bug fix: multiselect in the edition of the dashlet
Fixing multiselect fields

Bug fix: error in  the onboarding module
Fixing displaying records in the onboarding module

Bug fix: My Candidates and My Candidatures dashlets
Fixing displaying My Candidates and My Candidatures dashlets

Bug fix: advanced report
Fixing generating excel file from the advanced report