Release 3.1.3



User Story Bug: Optimization of dashlet loading

Dashlets on the page display immediately, without loaded data, adding dashlet loading, asynchronous dashlet loading

User Story Bug: Ability to accept approved work plans

Leader can accept plans even if Work Plan is already approved

User Story Bug: Icon alignment at different resolutions

Improving the display of icons in the upper right corner

User Story Bug: Improved organizational structure

Adding a full screen icon and improving first load

User Story Bug: Rebuilding the Work Schedule Manager component

Dashlet compliant with the latest HTML standards

User Story Bug: Changes in the Candidates module (kanban)

Improvement of the structure in the Candidates module, removal of unnecessary statuses and reordering of fields

Bug fix: Improving the Candidate/Applications relationship etiquette

Changing the etiquette form Candidate to Applications

Bug fix: Mass approval of the work plan

Setting the appropriate time zones for the approval to succeed

Bug fix: News notification

Receive notification when news is published

Bug fix: Creating onboarding from the employee level

A pop-up appears where you can make onboarding or offboarding

Bug fix: Meetings, search bug for people to add to the meeting

You can search and add records to a meeting

Bug fix: Error when creating a work plan in the calendar

The work plan saves and is visible in the calendar

Bug fix: Mass approval of work plans approves uncompleted plans

A plan that should not be approved is not approved  (it is skipped)

Bug fix: Saving work time

Operating Alt+A to save working time

Bug fix: Clicking on the time bar in the Manager leads to Create

Opening a detailed view of the work time in question

Bug fix: Approval of Work Plan, on detailed view, does not find plan

Normal attempt to save Work Plan

Bug fix: Sorting in the list

Appropriate sorting right of the click

Bug fix: Non-workers show up in employee list

Employee list has been updated, former employees do not appear

Bug fix: Adding inactive users by adding an organizational unit as meeting participants

Adding only employees with Active status

Bug fix: No possibility to approve the plan Sickness – care

Possibility to close the work plan with this type