Release 3.1.4



Bug fix: Allow editing of related groups for a record that can be edited

You can pin and unpin SGs through the subpanel when I have permission to edit the parent record

Bug fix: Corrections related to hiding “More” and the number of tabs displayed

When there are three modules, then “more” is not displayed, because there is no need for it

Bug fix: Disable autocomplete of password and username in user profile

Bug fix: Fix bookmark titles and “Recently Viewed/Favorites”

Bug fix: Improved time recording format

Time is recorded in hours and minutes, not fractions

Bug fix: Additional date filtering options

Filters appear on the filtering view in the list view: previous week, this week, next week, past, future, last x days, next x days

Bug fix: Add internal recruitment

In the Candidates module, modify the current Candidates relationship to a flexible relationship related to candidate and employee

User Story Bug: Inability to add an employee to an additional unit

The ability to add an employee who is in one unit to another without overwriting the first department

User Story Bug: Secure cookies from XSS attack

In case of an XSS attack, such cookies will be impossible to read for the attacker

User Story Bug: No photos in the room module

Visibility of the photo when you enter the room module

User Story Bug: Users disappear during meeting edits

During edits, participants no longer disappear from the meeting after signing up and continuing

User Story Bug: Creating Onboarding tasks does not give a group

The tasks of a new employee have a group of the HR supervisor and the new employee to see them in his list

User Story Bug: No notifications about open work plans

The system informs about unclosed work plans

User Story Bug: Training in the “Element” field does not have a link to the Onbaording/Offboarding

User Story Bug: Removal of employee field

Changed label “responsible person” to “implemented by”

User Story Bug: Studio problems

Fixing “add field” and “edit labels” buttons in Studio and Module Builder

User Story Bug: Improving the width of the labels

Changing the clipping of the markings in the side so that they fit without problems

User Story Bug: Improved filtering

Language-appropriate labels show up

User Story Bug: Organizational units looping

Blocking the possibility to create a loop between records when there is a possibility to create a relationship to itself for the modules Organizational units and Positions

User Story Bug: Date and time fields pop’up

Fields line up one after the other or date and time next to each other

User Story Bug: Change of e-mail notifications about record assignment

Receiving messages with information from which module the record is from

User Story Bug: Improving the name of a label that has a technical name

Displaying a column with the correct name