Release 4.0.0



NOTICE: due to a number of installation issues reported by the community we advise to skip to the 4.0.1 update.

Bug fix: Shared calendar
The setting does not disappear after switching between weeks
Bug fix: Installation script
Default values „no” are no longer interpreter as „yes”
Bug fix: Dashboard
Closing meetings from the dashboard refreshes only the dashlet, instead of the entire page
Bug fix: Fixed display of dates on the list view
Bug fix: Filter by date on lists enables. It is now possible to
Filter by the „Date modified” parameter
Bug fix: Sorting by flex relate field enabled
Bug fix: Projects
Fixed label on the „View Project List” button
Bug fix: Resources calendar
The module now displays correctly
Bug fix: Improved display of time in UTC time zone
Bug fix: Dashlet settings
Displayed and hidden columns no longer cover other settings
Bug fix: Subpanels
Added arrows for pagination in subpanels, misaligned text fixed
Bug fix: Filters in modules
Improved list of filters available in modules
Bug fix: Improvement of apostrophes for Elasticsearch List View
Bug fix: Candidature Quick Create
If record results in blank page, redirect back to Candidate
Bug fix: SubPanelDeleteButton no longer causes a redirection error. The record deletes itself while the subpanel refreshes
Bug fix: Support for sorting 95% columns in Elasticsearch List View. Records get sorted correctly
Bug fix: Activities subpanel
Labels for actions buttons fixed
Bug fix: Saving meeting
Proper selection of participants and seamless meeting savings
Bug fix: Missing menus in standard modules
Restoration of menu in Candidates and Candidatures
Bug fix: Resorted menu in Administration module
Bug fix: Deleting a record from the list view enabled
Bug fix: Empty fields of currency type filled with ‘0.00’ values
Bug fix: Candidates
The value of the Country filed can now be set
Feature added: Upgrade of MintHCM customizations to a higher version of Elasticsearch 7.x
Feature added: Returning Elasticsearch data to the frontend. ElasticSearch does not return the entire indexed record, but only fields that are defined as available or occur in filters on eslistviewdefs.
Feature added: Elasticsearch permissions
Agllowing access for users with appropriate Security Group permissions
Feature added: User avatar photo
If the user has the photo field set, it displays the avatar in the top bar. When there is no photo system displays mdi-account by default
Feature added: Adding ACLs
Feature added: Adding support for LDAP
Feature added: Rebuilding and checking links in administration view
Feature added: New dashlet and calendar view for MintHCM core version
Feature added: Upgrade tinyMCE and add new SugarField
Feature added: Adding Owner and Group permissions to global search
Feature added: Changing the menu on the left side and the grid to not display all modules, only those that are set
Feature added: Installation script
The script asks if the user wants to compilate/rebuild the interface
Feature added: New MintHCM popup
Feature added: Logging smarty errors and eliminating several View Tools comments
Feature added: Removing a few legacy modules from Elasticsearch
Feature added: Notifications
Mass read and delete. Clicking on a notification closes the list of notifications
Feature added: Mass actions on lists. You can now use mass actions such as delete or merge in the last view
Feature added: Email password reminder. New feature in case the user does not remember their password
Feature added: Filtering on lists and ability to define changes in the studio
Ability to change column filtering on the list view
Feature added: New Menu view
Feature added: Displaying values in multienum fields and filters
Feature added: Building a mapping file as a step during rebuilding process
Feature added: Sorting by enum and multi enum
First added: First login
After logging in, the user can set preferences for date format, numeric separators time zone etc.