Release 4.0.3



Bug fix: Attempting to accept a vacation, an error pops up
correct record and page reload
Bug fix: KReporter fixed in PHP version 8
Bug fix: Entering EntryPoint redirects to the login view
Bug fix: Changing the name of the Creating Alerts for Users schedule
Bug fix: Ability to search a record by first and last name
Bug fix: PDfTemplates and KTemplates
improvement with editor and preview view
Bug fix: Ability to change password from user level
Bug fix: List view changes precision
Bug fix: Removal of AOD Index directory sped up installation
Bug fix: Improved translation of list view
Bug fix: Improved Mint4/PHP8 subpanels
Bug fix: Fix KReporter to display results
Bug fix: Blocking the ability of an Employee to edit an Employee other than himself
Bug fix: Creating survey responses from full form creates fatal error
return to survey DV, created survey response record visible on subpanel under survey
Bug fix: Fixed installer
Feature added: Adding status colors
Feature added: Changes on the list view
moving the “Add Filter” button to the left; changing the size of the fields; adding a line between filters; removing the internal vertical scrolling of the list
Feature added: Improvement of the hatches on the “Search” type fields, they change to X after typing any character
Feature added: After installing the system, the navigation menu shows the “Employees” module by default
Feature added: Open links from outside MintHCM are displayed in a new window
Feature added: Ability to freely set modules on the side panel
Feature added: The system informs when a record is in progress so that the user does not have to click several times and does not duplicate appointments
Feature added: Adding status colors for Tasks/Candidates/Candidates/Recruiting modules, etc
Feature added: Making the installation process easier