Release 4.0.4



New installation method added (CLI)
Bug fix: Fixed a bug in exporting data to CSV and XLSX via advanced reports
Bug fix: Recording grades on Candidacy
Bug fix: Correct sorting by name, columns with amounts, records do not disappear
Bug fix: Ability to add delegations, easy record keeping
Bug fix: Corrected color statuses and moved labels
Bug fix: Opportunity to create an active workplace
Bug fix: Once created, the employee is in the index and available as a user in the lists
Bug fix: Ability to open a record in a new tab
Bug fix: Ability to add a note to the Assessment module
Bug fix: When enrolling new candidates, in case of repetition, candidates do not duplicate each other
Bug fix: Work plans are displayed in chronological order
Bug fix: If the list is waiting for results, it should load
Bug fix: On LV, currency symbols display anywhere
Bug fix: When you click “Generate Onboarding” or “Generate Offboarding” it does not redirect to the main dashboard
Bug fix: Entering another user’s profile does not add buttons to the navigation bar
Bug fix: Completing the label that displays in case of a forgotten password
User story: Removed unnecessary options from system settings that have no effect
User story: Removed the requirement from the Organizational unit field
User story: Ability to select email addresses when merging
User story: Ability to select values on dictionary fields during merging
User story: Ability to define actions for records to allow, for example, merge, delete, export or custom actions for selected records
User story: Ability to use mass actions on lists, such as deleting or merging
Feature added: Opening records in a new tab from the list level
Feature added: You can add notes to the Assessment module