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    Hi, I would like to report as I am experiencing an issue, where it is a bit complex with IMAP funcionality.
    However, I can see SMTP & IMAP protocols from my end are working okay and are fetch to my Minthcm, but it is something where I can get it work and as is to Sync all emails are in each individual folder. When I am going to “TIME MANAGEMENT” >> Emails, I can see clearly selected the folders are from my current mailbox I assigned via IMAP Protocol, but unable to see any Emails. I tried the funcionality Repair : “Sync Inbound Emails” but not succeed. Is it there any recommendation? Is it actually a bug issue? Or Perhaps is something what maybe I missed out? Kindly I would be appreciate if you having this issue before or where should I check first for to resolve this. My current deployment is for my own business and I would like the employers from HR to be able to see the emails coming through Minthcm and reply at the same time to candidates, internal employees or email campaings. Thanks.


    Hello! We are working on that, but we would like to ask you a few more questions

    1. Did the ‘Sync Inbound Email Accounts’ action succeed, but emails are not visible? Or, did the action fail?
    2. Have you enabled the crontab for a MintHCM?
    3. Do you use any email clients? If the client is using the POP protocol to connect to the email box, it could be why the emails are not visible.
    4. Is this a popular email provider, such as Gmail?

    With this information, we would be able to fix the problem sooner.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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