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    After I successfully installed Minthcm 3.1.3, there some issues I wanted to point out:

    1.- Some of the Options, it shows undefined options.
    2.- The dashlets to see emails in the dashboard, even allowing the access to those users, the user cannot access to dashlets options to enable email module at Dashboard.
    3.- Only main Administrator account is allowed to see those emails from dashboard, but when I try to reply them, it shows an error undefined.
    4.- I have tried to repair the whole core and repair permission, but none of what I tried to succeed.

    I want if you guys can have a look and give me some advice, on how to fix this core, as it will be extremely painful to re-install the whole core, due I have more users, they are using this access to provide work in a daily basis.



    Thank you very much for submitting your list of bugs. We will work to resolve these issues as soon as possible and will inform you of any new releases here on our forum.

    If you require immediate assistance with these issues, please reach out to contact@minthcm.com to inquire about our paid service.
    Best regards!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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