Is MintHCM white label?

Is MintHCM white label?

Did you know that you can develop and redistribute MintHCM under your own brand? Have you heard about the term „white label”? You can customize the system as you wish with any logo and colours. All is up to you. How is that done? Read on to find out.

What is „white label” software?

White label Human Capital Management (HCM) is an integral part of the contemporary business landscape, enabling software house agencies to optimize resources and provide clients with high-quality solutions under their own brand. The term „white label” refers to the practice in which a producer makes their products or services available to other companies, which can then brand them as their products or services available to other companies, which can then brand them as their own essential offerings.

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How? Thanks to Open Source of course

How is it possible that anyone can change the system the way they want to? Long story short – open source. You probably heard about this before, not much to say, we write about it pretty much all the time.

Open source allows not only to change functionalities. Thanks to that, everyone can adapt the system to their business. Important thing that you need to remember is that after changing colors and label of the system, there needs to be a disclaimer that says „powered by Sugar…”, just like on MintHCM. It is needed because of the license.

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Benefits of using white label HCM

The benefits of utilizing white label HCM, based on Open Source software, are undeniable. Firstly, it allows software house agencies to shorten the time to market for their product, which is crucial in a competitive business environment. Secondly, it eliminates the costs associated with developing software from scratch, resulting in grater project profitability. Moreover, clients receive a ready-made solution that can be quickly implemented and tailored to their needs.

Advantages of MintHCM

In addition to its rich functionality, MintHCM is characterized by simple and intuitive operation, as well as the ability to be customized to the specific business needs of the client. Thanks to its open code, agencies can also freely develop and adapt the software, providing clients with personalized solutions.

In conclusion

The conclusion is clear – white label HCM, based on Open Source software, is an excellent solution for software house agencies looking to deliver innovative and high-quality Human Capital Management tools to clients. MintHCM serves as an ideal example of such a solution, offering comperhensive functionality, flexibility, and the ability to quickly adapt to individual business needs.

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