Let’s talk about MintHCM mobile app

Let’s talk about MintHCM mobile app

To be continued, this is how we should start this article. You already know standard version of MintHCM. What you don’t know is that we are still working on MintHCM and its further development. That’s why today we bring you a brand-new update. MintHCM mobile app is still in progress, but we can show you a little sneak peek. Hopefully, it can boots your imagination.

It’s all about a mobile app

We are surrounded by apps, like literally everywhere. On mobiles, watches, iPads, even laptops or PCs. What would you say if I told you that Mint will be one of those apps? Even better, you could delete few apps that you won’t need any more, because Mint will do most of the work. Isn’t it amazing? You could manage your working time from your app. No matter where you are, it’s easier to change your working hours, meetings or work place. Sounds easy and nice, right?

Mobile phone with apps.

MintHCM mobile. Solution for busy bees

Have you ever forgot to schedule a meeting or update your calendar? It shouldn’t be a problem anymore, because our team is working on an easy solution just for users that are in a hurry. Quick and intuitive solutions are the best for everyone who are busy. Forgot to update your calendar? Don’t worry, the app will remind you about it. No more thinking, “did I do it? Is everything okay?”. You could check it at every minute anywhere you want.

Working woman on an minthcm mobile app.

Minty fresh mobile app you’ve been waiting for

Thinking about this little change you may ask if something more in the brand or system will change? You don’t have to worry, everything you know from standard version of MintHCM, so using mobile will be same as normal. And Mint will stay mint. Green version will always be on.Open source is easy to change, so feel free and create with us some new things.