MintHCM 3.0.8

MintHCM 3.0.8

Another update! Less bugs. A few changes!

The list of new features is as always available at the download page.

First of all we want you to know that all the bugs that occurred so far, have been fixed. We’d like to thank the community in locating them!
Now we’d like to tell you about the changes we’ve made.
Sit comfortably in your chair, buckle up, and get ready for some updates!

Fixed Bugs

We had some minor bugs, which we’ve managed to fix. For instance, in the workflow module the ‘conditions’ and ‘actions’ fields were empty fields, but we’ve added right buttons, and now it all works perfectly. Another problem we had was with the time, or the date to be more precise in some features. The activity date, while generating ‘onboarding’ was set with an error, so we had to change that. Same goes with the date of start and end of a task on ‘calendar’.


We’ve faced a problem with Avatar pictures’ changes. They were impossible to do without clearing the cache, but we’ve solved it. Another problem we had was the lack of padding on certain fields in ‘create’ view and in a few pop-up windows.
We also had an issue with the size of the logo in the “questionnaire” it was obviusly too big, but now it fits well. Some fields used to view double, like “My subordinates” on a dashlet. Of course, it has been taken care of.

Some other bugs were the invisibility of the Sick – Care option on the ‘calendar’, lack of the ‘plus’ button on the advanced PDF templates, and lack of spaces between the fields in the ‘manager of the work plan’ window.

Validation and lack of labels

We’ve also had lack of labels from the Dictionary and in the workflow module ‘conditions’ and ‘actions’ have had empty fields. Moreover, there were some issues with lack of validation on certain features when a change was made.


The types of documents have been added to the dictionary so defining the types of documents is now possible. We had a problem with the integration of iCal calendar. It didn’t work properly, because Google didn’t draw the work plan and meetings from MintHCM.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve made a few changes. We’ve changed the names of the fields in ‘onboarding elements’ as they were confusing, and we’ve changed the help tips in the localization form to make them more clear.