Open Source

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What is Open Source


Open Source. We are all here for it. There is probably no need to explain what it is. But oh well, for the sake of our clean conscience… Open Source is a philosophy or initiative of freely sharing the code with the community of developers, software geeks, end-users, companies, private consumers – basically anyone who might need it. The important part is allowing users to access and modify the code. They may also further distribute new versions of the program created on the basis of the original code. It is not forbidden but – on the contrary – greatly encouraged to make use of any existing, open technology

open source minthcm

Open software vs. Free software


In general, Open Source applications are free of charge – although there is no rule against charging for fair work done to the code. Developers are allowed to redistribute any new technology (even if based on the open code) and they might take money for it. Popular way is charging for licenses of such system. In some cases, even though the code stays open for modifications the fee applies.


Just to sum up…

Open-sourced applications can be easily modified by other parties. They are usually free of charge. MintHCM is a great example of those two circumstances.

More about the Open Source initiative here:

open source minthcm

Open Source CRM reinvented


MintHCM is two other Open Source solutions reinvented. We build it on the foundation of SugarCRM CE and SuiteCRM. The system stays open for further modifications as you might see fit.


MintHCM is a free, open source, human capital management solution. Are you curious how it works? You can start using it right away. All you have to do is click download and install the software on your own server. You will get the unlimited access to a world-class HCM solution entirely for free.


Finally, you get to use an HCM software that does not force you to limit your own horizons strictly to the set of predefined features. All you get by clicking install is 100% flexible and can be rearranged as you wish.

open source minthcm

Open for Cloud


There also is a commercial version of MintHCM, hosted on the MintHCM platform. If you wish to delegate the responsibility of keeping the server infrastructure, this option will save you from any set-ups and administrative burdens.


System as a service is the modern and very convenient way of acquiring new software. MintHCM, even in a Cloud, is still open and you are free to change it up. Ask us about 14-days free trail and see for yourself!