minthcm 3.0.0

MintHCM 3.0.0 is here!

That’s mint!

MintHCM 3.0.0. is finally here! The tease is over. We are launching the first fully open version of the software! Go click DOWNLOAD and enjoy your own instance of our thriving Human Capital Management system as you see fit.

The road to MintHCM 3.0.0

We have come a long way trying to provide a functional and good-looking tool. At the beginning of our road we have decided to go with SugarCRM CE’s code and adjust it to our own HR-related requirements. What we have ended up doing blew everyone’s minds and highly exceeded initial estimates. The potential we have noticed led us to reinventing the purpose and architecture of a well-known software. We were able to create something totally different, for a whole other business sphere.

MintHCM Stage 1

Stage 1 was all about time tracking. This is the first feature we have required internally. It was July 2017 (rather long before we even dreamt of releasing the code). Our organization reached about 30 employees, and we have struggled to keep track of everyone’s schedules. The idea was simple. Let’s use a tool that we know really well and which won’t create additional costs for our young organization. SugarCRM CE required no licensing charges and was one of the most popular open source applications at the time. We were also using the commercial version as our CRM system, so we knew how it was designed. It did not take much for us to get encouraged by the result.

MintHCM Stage 2

Sadly SugarCRM CE was abandoned by the producer not long after that. Mid next year, we were switching to SuiteCRM, which is considered its successor. This is when we came up with the name MintHCM and the idea of new system’s theme. Everything should feel fresh and minty! – we said. After committing to SuiteCRM as a base… we basically got rid of all its core CRM features. It was around that time when we thought we could potentially share our efforts with Open Source community. During stage 2 we have focused on developing as much HCM typical modules as possible.  We were able to cover 15 areas of the so-called Employee Journey. Right now it is your turn to help us add to it.

MintHCM Stage 3

Stage 3 starts today with official MintHCM’s launch! We invite you to contribute to the features created during stage 1 and 2. MintHCM 3.0.0. is our joint future! We hope to have started a thriving free Open Source HCM project that is going to help modern companies take care of their most valuable capital – their employees.

How to get on board?

Download the instance and keep on coding. If you would have questions along the way or feel like expressing concerns – use this FORUM! We are here to answer your inquiries. To stay up to date with the newest releases and blog posts – subscribe to our newsletter.

Join our launch party! and Stay tuned for Release Notes and Documentation to come really soon.