minthcm 3.0.1

MintHCM 3.0.1 – check it!

How mint is that? A month and a half after releasing the first public version of the software we are already coming to you with some fresh improvements.

MintHCM 3.0.1 – new features

MintHCM 3.0.1 comes with a set of new features and enhancements. Here is a short description of what we were able to do in such a short time.

  • The booking calendar and the calendar of absences are now showing the first day of the week as set by the user.
  • Onboarding and offboarding get generated accordingly to the time zone set in the software.
  • The picture of the user displays on the right side on the menu bar.
  • The Next button locks in during the process of installation, so it shows it has been clicked.
  • New Exit Interview subpanel for Offboarding.

It was our focus to come up with a solution for the issues with the time zone and setting up the first day of the week in our system. Understandably, the calendar feature is one of the crucial additions to the core of Human Capital Management applications. It would be rather difficult to plan any meetings, phone calls, recruit people or book resources without a properly working calendar. Hence, the urgency in providing you with an upgrade. Please see below where to set it.

A nice addition introduced in MintHCM 3.01 is the possibility of adding a picture of the user and putting it up on the menu bar. That way you can see who is currently logged in. It is a small thing but definitely a Nice-To-Have we wanted to deliver as soon as possible.

The feature of locking in the Next button during the installation was something we have noticed could enrich the User Experience for the Open Source community – people like you who go through the process themselves. An unchecked button looked like nothing was happening in the background. We have fixed it so everyone is sure about the actual stage of the process. As we are on the subject of the installation, stay tuned for the written instruction coming soon!

The biggest change happened in the module called Offboarding. In MintHCM 3.0.1 you can now find there an additional subpanel for storing information about the exit interview with the former employee. That way the recruiter can see the whole context of the offboarding procedures in one place. The Employee Journey Map just got a lot clearer!


Our project is still evolving. Stay tuned for the upcoming upgrades! One version at a time we will perfect MintHCM and hopefully make it one of the best HCM solutions out there. There is your chance to help us achieve it. The goal is ambitious, but we believe that success in any realm of life comes from taking risks. We invite you to participate in further development of the software. Please get in touch about details of such contribution.