The advantages of creating software with a community

The advantages of creating software with a community

Tools based on open code are very often supported by the community. This probably doesn’t surprise anyone. There are many systems that exist because of the community, like SuiteCRM and SpiceCRM.

If you’re familiar with MintHCM you know that this system is also Open Source. By making the code public, we can make sure that anyone who wants to, can gain access to it.

You are also welcome to share your ideas, helping us further the system.

MintHCM’s Community

There is already a community around our tool, which helps us develop MintHCM. For us, as for many Open Source system developers, cooperation with the community is extremely important. When dealing with such specific tool, it is impossible to develop it without community. That’s why we appreciate every involvement so much.

MintHCM 4

Recently, the latest version of MintHCM 4.0 saw the light of day. Among other things, thanks to the comments and conversations that our developers had with community members about development of the tool. We were able to make so many changes, not only in the code but also in the appearance of the system. Thanks to the ideas of people who work in different environments, it is not only our concepts that make their way into MintHCM. Our tool benefits from different people contributing to it.


The main advantage of having the community that is working with the tool is that you can get constant support. If the support team is not available, the user will get help from the forum. It is most often where you can get answers to urgent problems.

The community of users and developers is working to improve the software. This means that there is online support on the forums, documentation, and discussion groups. This becomes a support community. By taking advantage of this, you have the opportunity to get help and information, which can speed up the resolution of your concerns and draw the attention of support to the errors that have occurred.

Flexibility and customization

After downloading a tool, you can to customize it to meet your needs. If you run into any difficulties, you have two options: you can ask for support or use tips left by a community member who had a similar issue.

Open tools offer great flexibility, allowing you to customize the system to meet the unique needs of your business processes. If there will be a need, you can always extend the tool with more features.

Independence in system development

By downloading MintHCM to your device, you gain the ability to work with the tool. You can modify the code at will and customize it to suit you. Create, work, and explore the possibilities in front of you. You are limited only by your capabilities and imagination.

By developing the system on your own and sharing the results, you help us develop MintHCM. Thanks to the efforts of the community, you can be sure that the tool draws from the best technologies that currently exist.


Looking at how many people have access to the system’s source code, one might be under the impression that such a tool might be vulnerable to hacking attacks or simply more easily subject to dangerous things on the Internet. The security of Open Source tools is at a higher level precisely because so many people work on it. This makes the code more transparent and there are more people who can catch if anything happens.

When it comes to security updates, you can be sure someone in the community will know how to remedy them. And if one person doesn’t help, then there are others behind them who will know how to remedy them.

Thank you to the community

MintHCM also has its own community, which makes sure that the system develops accordingly. Just take a look at the community page. There you will find discussions between users who work with MintHCM. Having such a community is an incredible joy. When we develop new versions of the tool, we know where to look for possible help when we want to introduce a new solution. A big thank you for being so active!