MintHCM. A fresh way to do HR!

A short story about MintHCM

A while before coming up with the idea for MintHCM we have had a simple need of our own. As the organization grew, we have faced several difficulties trying to manage our team. Sounds familiar? Well, because we are a group of experienced developers, we have had the advantage of being able to help ourselves there. First, we have created a simple time tracking and leave management software. It made our life so much easier, that we have decided to continue and cover as many aspects of Employee Journey as possible. As it now is a fully mature IT product… why not share it with the world?

What does it do?

Over a couple of very productive months, we have expanded the basic modules and built a platform perfectly suitable for modern, vibrant companies. Thanks to MintHCM it is possible to efficiently carry out recruitment procedures, organize business trips, handle employer branding campaigns and many more… Everything with a help of several professionally developed mechanisms. For a detailed description of MintHCM’s features go to

Why Open Source?

Knowing the benefits of the open source solutions, we have decided to make our product available to a wider audience. MintHCM can be downloaded and installed on a private server without additional charges. It is also possible to make individual adjustments to the code. That way it is rather simple to meet specific requirements of any enterprise. It means that every organization can take our product and turn it into a tool that will serve them best.

Get involved!

Together with the official launch of our product, we invite the open source community to participate in its further improvement. We are huge believers in the agile development and we will continue to work on perfecting the system. Having that said, we are open to your contribution, suggestions, and modifications. We are far from saying that our job is done. Please use our forum to ask questions, leave relevant feedback or propose an original approach. No matter if you are a freelancer or a programmer working for a startup or fully grown software house, you can now contribute to one of the newest and hype IT projects out there.

Ready? Set? MintHCM!

Download MintHCM and see for yourself how it helps to manage human resources in the modern organizations. Click away and find out if you could make use of it during your everyday tasks.