MintHCM 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 – mint fresh set up experience

MintHCM 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 – mint fresh set up experience

Lately we informed you about new version of MintHCM 4.0. And now we meet again to show you fresh update of the system.

We give you a revitalized version of our Human Resources Management tool.

We hope you’ll like it as much as we are proud of it.

MintHCM 4.0.1

We updated some important features that were crucial. Get a quick look and enjoy.

Adressed .htaccess File Issues: We’ve resolved issues related to the .htaccess file, ensuring seamless and error-free installation process.
Additional Validations for Permissions and PHP Version: MintHCM 4.0.1 now includes extra validations to check permissions and PHP version compatibility, providing you with a more secure and reliable system.
Enhanced Compatibility Across Environments: We’ve worked to enhance MintHCM’s compatibility, making it optimized to work seamlessly in an even broader range of environments. Your MintHCM experience just got more versatile!
Installer Auto-Indexing into ElasticSearch: The installer in MintHCM 4.0.1 is now equipped to autonomously index records into ElasticSearch, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.
Auto-population of SiteURL Option: We’ve added a convenient feature that autopopulates the SiteURL option whenever possible, simplifying the configuration process for you.

You can check all of it in the release notes. Find out what is updated and how we fixed it. Feel free to test new features and tell us how we can make it better or upgrade it.

Fixed bugs should help you to install system without any problems. This new update happened thanks to our community.

minthcm 4.0.1

MintHCM 4.0.2

MintHCM 4.0.1 is not the only thing we’re excited to share. We’ve embraced the world of Docker, and as a result, we’ve rolled out a new update. While it doesn’t introduce significant changes, it does offer a fresh method for installing MintHCM.

Docker represents a promising solution to meet your expectations. We hope you find it appealing and will join us in its development to enhance our system even further.

Feel free to explore the release notes now!

Download the system

To kick-start your MintHCM journey, go ahead and download the system. Install it and customize your experience as you see fit.

You have flexibility in the installation process, offering two options: Docker installation or the traditional approach. Feel free to explore both and see which suits you best.

Should you require assistance, our community site is a valuable resource. Browse through it; perhaps we’ve already addressed the issue you’re facing, or someone in the support forum can provide the help you need.

Thank you to our community

MintHCM was founded with the vision of revolutionizing Human Capital Management, and it is the combined efforts and feedback from our community that have propelled us forward. Your engagement, insights, and active participation have been the driving force behind our continuous improvement and growth. We are delighted to see your involvement in the project.

We would like to take a moment to express a massive THANK YOU! Your contribution is truly incredible!