MintHCM. Release 3.1.1

MintHCM. Release 3.1.1

We are constantly developing our solution. Moving forward. One step at a time. And here it is. Another release to the version #3. The count is at 3.1.1, and you can be sure, more is yet to come. For now, let’s take a closer look at what we achieved in our mintiest publication, yet. As always, available under download tab right here.

What’s new in MintHCM 3.1.1?

One thing that we noticed the Open Source Community really needed, was a brand-new feature for PHP and database verification. Many of you contacted us describing issues during the system’s installation. What was most often the case – you did not spot the requirements in the installation guide. And if something like this happens, it means our UX game was not on point. How could we anticipate that anyone follows our instructions, if we failed at delivering them? So yeah, that’s fixed.

Database and PHP validation

In 3.1.1 we introduce two brand-new features for: database and PHP validation. If you pursue an installation with the wrong version, you will get a notification, together with a visible check – making sure you understand what comes next.

Please, let us know if that’s sufficient enough. We are trying our best to make the information as thorough and transparent as we can. Any feedback on the visual is welcome, as always. For now, it does the job, and it looks like this.

Pop-up for managing work schedules

Time tracking is one of the most developed areas of our system. We are proud about what we were able to achieve so far and how the whole feature works. It does not mean that it needs no improvement, though. Actually, because it is one of the things we do best – we want it to represent. That’s where the idea for a work schedule manager as a pop-up came from.

In 3.1.1 the user is able to manage their work plan without opening a new tab, directly in a seperate pop-up. It should feel easy and accessible. And the reload happens only for the dashlet, not the full page, so that speeds things up.

We hope you like it better. If you have any ideas for similar UI improvements, make sure to let us know. Here’s our forum thread for it.

Some bug fixing

A software with some bugs? Totally normal. (As long as you keep on trying to fix them.)

In MintHCM 3.1.1 we take on a number of those. For example, a lack of a date of planned and the last contact in the Candidates module. Next? Work schedules overlap -fixed by a brand-new validation for work schedules collision. Next? A running debbuger removed from work schedule manager’s dashlet.

Got more? Report them here. We’ll try to “catch” them before 3.1.2 gets released.

That’s it for now. 3.1.1 is a small release, but it takes our project a little further. We’re excited to drop smaller potions of brand-new code at a faster pace from now on. Let’s see how we do. Till next time!